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Langkoo_010 a commenté Animation de Site Web

Thank you Mattrunks thank you very much! There is a problem to want to consult you. Premium membership intersection we still like before free all the tutorials? (French English) or in accordance with the price to buy? If the monthly dues within 1 months, no new tutorials introduce how to do? Please reply mail [email protected]. Feel shy to take up your valuable time

Langkoo_010 a commenté Animation de Site Web

Mattrunks ~?~?Have a favor to ask you. Animation of a website template tutorial in the member when I free. But in My purchase where I wrong and spent $6 to buy a return? Waste $6 is there any way to solve!!

Langkoo_010 a commenté Créer un effet de loupe

This will be very uneconomical?Such as the purchase of purchased within a month, if not a new tutorial that is not white?