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Inscrit le 19 octobre 2014

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Daw1d a commenté Animation de Site Web

Hello, no I havent motionblur enabled. I tried the RSMB it is little bit better but everything is than blurry :( And objects out of focus is blurry too much. I played with the Z position of objects and this helps. It seems that the problem occurs whne the layers are near each other (in same position in Z axis). When I moved the layers in Z axis to postitions where is 1 point between each other the lines disappeared. But this is lot of work to do it for each layer :(

Daw1d a commenté Animation de Site Web

Hello Mattias, first thank you for awesome tutorial. I learned much more than this superb motion web design. But I have one problem with final result. When I turn on the light I have wired lines all over my web elements. I tried to set higher shadows comp resolution like you sad but it is even worse. I also tried to move the elements on Z axis and this helps a little but than whole design breaks due the high amount of elements. Please can you help me with this? I sending pictures of the problem. Thank you.