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Inscrit le 04 décembre 2014

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Fiveshorts a commenté Créer des animations de caméra fluides

Another question if I may?
You show two other projects you're working on using these principles (the cellphone etc). You're obviously working in a FAR larger 3D "space" to get the sense of scale and movement. Would you ever consider doing an advanced (paid) tutorial showing how you manage a space so large, considering how... unfriendly... AE seems to be when having to pull back and look at the whole of a giant construction. It's easy in a 3D app, like Cinema, but so much harder in AE. Assuming each of your scene resolves (like on the train in your first example) has to be an HD frame size, this must be a HUGE virtual stage.

Now that I understand how you manage the motion of the camera, I would be very happy to pay to learn about how you go about planning for, and managing, such large and complicated scenes.

Many thanks for all your hard work.

Fiveshorts a commenté Créer des animations de caméra fluides

This is a remarkable tutorial. thorough and no-nonsense. I've been using AE on the front lines for 20yrs and I STILL learned a lot. Thank you. I can only think that there HAS to be a way to build a GUI plugin or script that makes this process less repetitive — something that "knows when to make values positive or negative... something that allows you to "affect all intermediate keyframes on all axes"... "affect start and end keyframes only"... smooth incoming fo all selected keyframes"... speed up accleration out of all selected keyframes"... etc etc etc
Just my 2¢
GREAT tutorials, all of them.

Fiveshorts a commenté Spatial Experiment avec Trapcode Particular 2

Would love to know what Mac and hard drive setup you are using for all these tutorials. Your interface seems to be so much more responsive than mine, and I know my stuff... Many thanks