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Goodydaniel a commenté Particular Morphing : éclatement en particules et transitions de logos

Hi, so i did this tutorial, made my own version for some opening titles. There is a small difference, that i did: a couple of movie files in the scene and during the rotation around the title, the camera has also the movement through the cloud of particles.
Everytime in that point(with motion blur enabled, with disabled its ok) it stucks on the 25 : 241 Particle overflow error. Do u have some advice?
My computer has pretty much the same specs, like better workstation from hp(just without the nvidia quadro graphic card), so i dont think, theres the problem.
And i would try to lower the particle number (and maybe, i just didnt hear it in ur tutorial), but when the particles/sec r set to 0, how can i lower the amount?