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Cristinaod commented on Create a magnifying glass effect

Yeah, I tried to put the effect inside the main comp but it didn't work either. It works alright with the spherize though, but you don't have so much control.


Cristinaod commented on Create a magnifying glass effect

Hi Matt, great tutorial! Although I'm having a problem and I'm really going crazy.
I followed all the steps, review it a hundred times to make sure all is the same than in your video.
But when I link the center of the magnifying effect to the position of the loupe in the main comp, I just keep getting the same result. The center is moving with the position (numbers of the glass effect change to the same value as the position inside the loupe comp), but the fact is, that the magnifying effect is kept right at 200,200 in the main comp (top left hand side) and not moving at all....So all I get is a black circle for all the rest of the screen......Do you know at all what this might be? Hope I make sense...