In this tutorial, we'll learn how to create smooth camera animations within after effect 3D environment.
In order to do that, we'll use the keyframe velocity feature, allowing us to make any type of animation smoother, more fluid, with great control over the acceleration.

The techniques demonstrated in the first part of this tutorial are of great use for any type of animation, they are particularly useful to control the position, rotation and scale properties.

In the second part, we'll see how to create a 3D technologic environment, with the help of Plexus 2 (required to set up the interconnection effects displayed in the demo)

  • Demonstration of the keyframe velocity principle
  • Application of this technique on 3 simple animations
  • Create damping using 2 keyframes only
  • Application of this technique on camera animation
  • Creating a 3D technologic style scene colored using Plexus 2