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Webdesign : Mattrunks
Illustrations : Theoze, Nairone
Icones : Entypo

A passion story

Whether our training, our products, or our contests, our content have something in common: a passion for motion design. Mattrunks is a site made by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts.
We love our job and we will do our best to transmit you our passion and best tricks, so you can find fulfillment in yours.
We will share some of our favorites through articles to keep you abreast of the latest trends in animation and special effects.

Learn, and Understand.

Our training has more ambition than just making a graphical exercise. Throughout each tutorial, we will explain in detail our techniques so that you can assimilate and understand.
The idea is not to reproduce only a tutorial, but of course to understand the main techniques to able to exploit them later on your projects.
After each course, you learn a new trick that will enhance your productivity and help you mastering the softwares.

Creative Workshops.

It is not easy to get into the aprentissage of a new software.
And it's even less when we are shown the tools without explaining what they can achieve.
It is always more motivating to learn a combination of professional techniques on concrete cases, used in production. You find that here.
Our training will help you to get at the end of each tutorial a convincing graphical result, which can fit your needs if necessary.

Why Premium ?

The premium is just exclusive and paid tutorials, reserved for premium members.
These courses are longer, more complex, and reserved for those who wish to go further in software.
We want to thank all our premium members, which allowed the establishment of this new version. We do not like advertising, and the premium model allows us to be able to manage the website, while constantly investing in new content and new features.