Compatibility test of video playback (on Desktop)


HDS - Adobe Http Streaming

RTMP - Adobe RTMP Streaming

HLS - Apple Http Streaming

What are the differences between the different players?

In recent weeks, we deployed a new streaming server to broadcast the tutorials. We can deploy several types of streaming, each having advantages and disadvantages. The purpose of this survey is to determine what is working best for the majority, to make the right choice.

HDS : HTTP Dynamic Streaming is a streaming technology created by Adobe. Its main advantage is to use a standard HTTP connection, which is less likely to be blocked by firewalls. HDS requires Adobe Flash Player or Adobe AIR application.

HLS : Http Live Streaming is a streaming technology developed by Apple. It also allows video streaming via HTTP, and is compatible with iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, etc..). HLS is also readable in some Flash based players in desktop mode like JW Player.

HDS : Real Time Messaging Protocol is a proprietary streaming technology developed by Adobe. RTMP does not use a standard HTTP connection, which is its main drawback. It is often blocked by corporate firewalls, which makes it more difficult to use in the workplace. There is RTMPT, which encapsulates the flow through the HTTP port, but performance is significantly degraded while.