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Contest n°4

Winner video : Mattrunks Contest #4 - minimal motion design

2nd :

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3rd : Minimal party

How were they chosen? Each jury member has chosen these three favorites among the 25 submissions.
3pts for a first place in a ranking, 2pts for 2nd and 1pt for 3rd. The ranking is calculated from the number of points obtained.

Jury's comments


Olivier is the creator of the sound that formed the basis for this contest, it naturally lent itself to the difficult task of voting. Again thank you to him for creating the sound that helped to many of you have fun on this contest!

  • Minimal Party - Fun, original and effective, tells a story while offering a graphic animation that sticks to the soundtrack.
  • Minimal Motion Design - Simple, neat and clean, perfectly serves the thematic work of sync with the sound design a rare finesse.
  • Minimum IST - Kinematics and urban spirit is here kept minimal but it is composed by a mix of video and animation typography.

Peder Nordby

Peder is the creator of Trapcode plugins, that needs no introduction! Particular is the lot of this contest, it is with joy that I welcome among the members of the Jury:

It's really hard to choose Between the three, I think my favorite goal is Bigmc Actually the piece. For me it Represents the best theme of minimalism and sound correspondence. Goal I think The Other Two are Perhaps more "mainstream" - and Likely Would win a popular vote. Goal for me, Personally, the Bigmc lot is the best.
I'd put it second square inch 33 rpm and Contest - Minimal on 3rd. Purpose this is tight! I like them all.

  • Bigmc - This is truly very minimum, both, in terms of animation, shapes and colors. Each sound is Represented in a pleasing stored in a. I really like the simplicity of this piece.
  • Minimal Contest - Very pleasing and skillful animation, very good audio and visuals Between correspondence. It is a great piece.
  • Inch 33 rpm - I like the shapes, colors and animated. Great pacing and very well designed.


As with previous editions, the winners of the contests are automatically members of the Jury for the following. It is therefore with pleasure that I invited Contaaaaact , winner of the contest 3, to vote:

First, make a choice between each participant is not easy because the projects are all quite different and unequal. There are very well made projects and projects that 'snap' a little less than others but have the merit of proposing something original: a history, a bias, a form ... So, I see 3 videos that have attracted my attention and I found more effective than the others ... and all for very different reasons ...

  • Contest - Minimal - This video offers a concept that fits the theme minimal: the use and staging of simple forms. Its great advantage is to be a live video, fun, effective and attractive thanks to the bias of the recursive. A real working motion design was implemented with an animation soft, rhythmic, cadenced, which sticks to the sound design and remains fluid; enchainent the many transitions in a logical and pleasing to the eye. Work that has also the merit of being clean which is very important. So here I remember mainly the staging and the recursive living simple forms.
  • Minimum IST - This video is detached from the others by its effectiveness and rational side. The bias is clear: give the upper hand to video editing rather than motion design (minimum). I find the idea compelling, so I welcome risk-taking. Indeed, this video offers a true form, it could be a comma (breathing) between several magazine about a TV for example. Obviously this is primarily a working video editor: the choice of cut editing very fast and easy to glue minimalist theme. Signature by a final titer (really minimal) gives any consistency and form. So here I hold the radical bias assembly and creating a complete audiovisual object, which effectively opens and punctuates sign, which has a singular rhythm.
  • Minimum party - I really hesitated before choosing this video because for once she appears very minimal, minimal too. I think the animation is too rigid and lacks life, roundness, flexibility, and is a bit harsh. However, what attracts and immediately makes the difference is to be confronted with a story, a word, a "testimony" ... for once the testimony is very simple, unpretentious, funny (or at least made smile), it is so pleasantly the contest theme: minimalist. Graphics research (a little black grunge) was interesting and well stuck to the topic of "testimony" but I think it would have been improved a bit more detailed and provided. So here I retain essentially the approach of telling a story, to go beyond the statement.

Mattias Peresini

Again a difficult task given the number of creations that I have liked to put on the podium. Here are my Top 3 for this edition minimalist:

  • Minimal Motion Design - Design minimum, great sync, consistency at the top, a simple idea executed successfully.
  • Minimal Party - Storytelling 7sec of respecting all the constraints: bravo!
  • Bobbing for Apples - Sound events (like the breaths of Mr apple) are synchronized so subtle, in a fun scene and minimum