Contest n°6

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  1. Upload your video to Vimeo, Youtube or Dailymotion
  2. Define on the chosen service a beautiful image for your video before sending it on mattrunks
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The Project

The friend Olivier aka Boni Obny is back for the sixth contest with a new sound created specially for you! the way, if you are looking for a sound designer for all your motion, go for it on his site !

The difficulty will be to transcribe  visually what the sound inspires to you.

Process and Dates

Ended on March 28 2011

The creation phase You have until 28 March included to send your creation with the ' Submit your creation' button above.

The results A few days after the contest, winners will be revealed after selection by a jury.


Made byObny
See his profile

Contest Rules

You must download the sound via the button "Download project" above.

You will get a. Zip file containing an mp3 10s. This sound will be the only constraint of this contest!
No technical constraints, you can use your favorite tools (After, Cinema4D, PFhoe, etc. ..).
No set theme, you are free to create the video you want.
Your video must be synchronized with the best possible sound.

To win

1st prize PFhoe Pro

To increase your range of tools, I am pleased to offer you in partnership with The Pixel Farm , software 3D Tracking PFhoe Pro !

This software allows you to make trackings 3D on your videos through a simplified and intuitive interface. You can then export your data natively to many software (AE, C4D, 3DS, Maya, Nuke, etc. ..)

Value 149€
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Finalists Premiums Accounts

A premium account for one year will also be offered to finalists arriving in 2 and 3rd place.

35 Submissions

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