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Morbide commented on Sound management and audio synchronization in After Effects

hi there
I didn´t know before what Trapcode Sound Keys exactly does, but after I had seen this tutorial I thought about a way to achieve the same without this plugin:
You have to create a Solid with the "audio spectrum" effect on it. Then create a Null Object and position it exactly on a specific part of the audio spectrum like it is done in the tutorial with soundkeys. Then apply a expression slider with the following expression:

target = thisComp.layer("your musiclayer");
p = target.fromComp(this.toComp(transform.anchorPoint));
s = target.sampleImage(p,[transform.scale[0]/2,transform.scale[1]/2],true)[3]*100;

the slider now will give you values from 0 to 100 depending on how much the Null-Rectangle is covered by the audio spectrum. Works very nice.
Does anyone know a way how to then apply a falloff to this expression values, similar how it is done with soundkeys? So that the values do fade back smoothly and not so abrupt?

Morbide commented on Create a magnifying glass effect

Hi there
Mattrunks, your tutorials are great, thank you a lot.

In addition, i have made up some expression to put on the position of the magnified layer:
s = transform.scale[0]/thisComp.layer("Insert Small Fit").transform.scale[0];
x = thisComp.width/2 + (thisComp.width/2 - thisComp.layer("lupe").transform.position[0])*(s-1);
y = thisComp.height/2 + (thisComp.height/2 - thisComp.layer("lupe").transform.position[1])*(s-1);

Now you will always have the correct magnified piece and dont have to fit the position of this layer. Does it work for you?