In this new free tutorial, we will see all things related to audio management within After Effects.

We'll learn how to manipulate our audio files to be effective during animations synchronization on sound events.

We will discover the different methods of synchronization on a concrete scenario, based on a music composed by Obny .

  • Learn how to play and listen your sounds in After Effects, and how to add useful markers in real time.
  • Semi-manual synchronization using keyframes and expressions
  • Automatic synchronization with extracted audio data, and use of expressions to exploit them
  • Use (optional) of Sound Keys to recreate the previous steps more quickly and with better flexibility.
  • Adding a kaleidoscope effect for a more complex scene from our simple animation.

And as a bonus (at 40min), we will see how to create sounds directly in After Effects, generated in real time by our animations, for sounds that have nothing to envy to our good old R2D2 ;)