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Nickbeef commented on Shape Layers as creative tools

I thought I noticed that your shape layers had a wet, shiny look to them. Though maybe this isn't the case.

I did manage to figure out that I can add a second "shine" sphere and group them together before duplicating. But the problem is that the the "Wiggle Transform" won't move them together as one unit, instead the shape and it's shine will move around in different directions.

Any suggestions for getting this to work?

Nickbeef commented on Logo Reveal

did you get that beginning 3D text write on effect from a tut somewhere? That's real cool. Was is in After Effects or something like Cinema 4D?

Nickbeef commented on Particular Morphing: particle transitions between your texts

Great tutorial. But I notice that in a lot of these tuts that focus on particular as a grid emitter, certain size and particle values in X,Y, and Z will make all the particles disappear. You briefly addressed this, but I still had problems and as a result had to make up some of my own number that didn't overload particular.

Any suggestions on controlling this?