Contest n°2

Winner video : TrackDance

2nd : Connections

3rd : AR Milk

How were they chosen? Each jury member has chosen these three favorites among the 14 submissions.
3pts for a first place in a ranking, 2pts for 2nd and 1pt for 3rd. The ranking is calculated from the number of points obtained.

Jury's comments

Jack Binks

Jack Binks is Plug-ins, product manager at The Foundry, and therefore occupies Camera Tracker, Kronos, Keylight, etc. ... He recorded the excellent series of tutorials officials spent Camera Tracker. It is also thanks to him that this contest could take place! Here are his three favorite creations:

  • Screen: Good track, simple and neat design. Great stuff.
  • TrackDance: Slightly wobbly track, ace goal concept.
  • Connections: Third one Was a tricky choice. Neat design, ok track. Not sure about the edge repeat element.

Nicolas Chaunu

Nicolas is the creator and owner of emob , the start-up of e-learning (as cool memories!). Nico now takes care of a beautiful tree, with its center in the marketplace , (formerly weecast), you probably know already! Here are his three favorites:

  • TrackDance: What a lame!
  • 2nd Sun: Superb
  • Connection: truly original idea. Simple. Well done!

Joshua Catalano

Joshua is a French designer who loves motion animated plush cats and make creations barred! I suggest you look at his portfolio and follow the loan! It is also the winner of a contest , and that is why I asked to be part of this jury. Here his vote:

  • Track of the Pop: For the technical mastery and lense flares. A bit too long may be.
  • AR Milk: nice idea, simple and effective graphics.
  • Connections: Short Screenplay and effective relationship between the soil and false square works well.

Mattias Peresini

I am so glad to see you participate in these contests, to see the good spirit that is reflected in the comments in the creation, a notion appears emotional and it's very hard for me to vote. I want you all to win, because there are good ideas and work in all your creations. Here are my Top 3!

  • TrackDance: The emotion takes over and hides the technical kinks
  • Connections: Simple and effective, one begins to play the virtual construction bugée
  • Track Of The pop: A wide variety of plans trackés and frames, with a book full 3D AE, on a nice montage!