Contest n°3

Winner video : Muybridge

2nd : HandMade Kinetype

Crée par Rom1r

3rd : Vahe Kinetype

How were they chosen? Each jury member has chosen these three favorites among the 39 submissions.
3pts for a first place in a ranking, 2pts for 2nd and 1pt for 3rd. The ranking is calculated from the number of points obtained.

Jury's comments


MK12 is a famous American studio specializing in motion design ( read my article on this studio). Their creation Brazil Inspired I used as reference to illustrate this contest on the animation of typo, and it is with pleasure that they agreed to judge the participants! Here are their three favorite creations:

  • HandMade Kinetype: Genuine, tactile, playful, well-edited.
  • Accronetype: Nice Chosen typefaces, good compositions, interesting movement.
  • Vahe Kinetype: Love the color palette, shallow depth of field, such interesting entertainment at 0:10.


Roman is the founder of Fubiz , your daily dose of inspiration, which must already be part of your favorite sites! Every day, it selects the best artwork around the world, and today, he selected his favorites for this contest:

  • Accronetype: The most pro, good filming and sound mixing, well integrated typo.
  • Typographical Style interesting, graphics and color +
  • Retrokinetype: Choosing original and retro inspired. Good intro and outro.


Medhi is a freelance graphic designer in print through Fugoo graphicdesign , and is actively interested in motion for nearly four years. Working on After Effects and Cinema 4D, in addition to other mediums such as paper, pencil and paint ;) This is also the winner of the contest 2 Camera Tracker ! It was pretty hard to decide, here are their votes based on three subjective criteria: the most original, most contemplative and the universe as "coherent"

  • Why I will never again make typography kynetic word "originality": A world super staff, I drool at the work of animation: behind the apparent simplicity I believe that there is not a linear keyframe interpolation, while is working and we let slip this strange world, unique and fluid. A typo for homemade!
  • Muybridge word "coherence": I really like the starting point, the nod to Muybridge (we always forget Eakins and Marey (the frenchy chronophotographes the band), you pass through this world on horseback, one crosses the "Nude Descending the Staircase" by Duchamp and is finished in a composition Dada ... It holds the road, the form serves the bottom and vice versa. Congratulations
  • Vahe Kinetype marked "Beautyfull" (opposite view and contemplation): Oh it's beautiful! And what opposite view; us out of the slow movement of cam "epileptic" often given to this kind of work, each plane is light and floating, colors and compositions are really beautiful. The depth of field of games and camera movements are very controlled, in that great time "contemplative" I'm thrilled (and even a little jealous not to have done!)


Mattias Peresini

It was again very difficult to separate my favorite creations on this contest, and it did not really play much! Here are my top 3, very close to that of members :)

  • Muybridge: Fluid, beautifully serves the purpose by mixing typography and obvious references to the basics of animation.
  • HandMade Kinetype: We show the typo as a real object, organic, all with a good combo stop-motion / editing.
  • Vahe Kinetype: Superb range of colors, typos and original animation with games of angles in 3D space.