Contest n°3


Ended on October 31 2010

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  1. Upload your video to Vimeo, Youtube or Dailymotion
  2. Define on the chosen service a beautiful image for your video before sending it on mattrunks
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The Project

Yann Cole has lent his voice to the 3rd contest, which will serve as a Reference in your animation.
The goal is simple, achieving typographic animation around the text provided, sticky as possible to the rhythm of the voice of Yann.
The animation for font, also called Kinetic Typography and I apellerai Kinetype, is a style full of After Effects. Two references of the genre: animation Milagrito for El Cuarteto Our is just amazing, and the animation of MK12, Brazil Inspired .

Process and Dates

Ended on October 31 2010

The creation phase You have until 31 October included to send your creation with the ' Submit your creation' button above.

The results A few days after the contest, winners will be revealed after selection by a jury.


Made byMattrunks
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Contest Rules

You can use the software of your choice, the only constraint being released in a final video, with sound provided as Reference for the duration and the soundtrack. Here is the text, to be sure to understand all the words used in the sound:

"Hey! Have you ever heard about motion? Have you ever heard about kinetype? You know! This little mograph lot with a lot of animated typography. No? Seriously?! You've just watched one. "

To win

1st prize Colorista II

I am very happy to offer the winner of 3rd contest, in partnership with friends in RedgiantSoftware, the new plugin after Magic Bullet, Colorista II . For those who know, this is a great plugin dedicated to the color correction on AfterEffects, FinalCut or PremierePro. Please visit the product page to get an idea of its power!

Value 299$
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Finalists Premiums Accounts

A premium account for one year will also be offered to finalists arriving in 2 and 3rd place.

39 Submissions

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