Contest n°5

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  1. Upload your video to Vimeo, Youtube or Dailymotion
  2. Define on the chosen service a beautiful image for your video before sending it on mattrunks
Your video will be subject to validation, which can take several days.

The Project

It is with great joy that I provided in partnership with Kromotion raw footage HD video filmed by the super talented Motion Designer and director Peter Magnol ( Gkaster !)
In the same way that a composer or editor that receives raw footage filmed by the production team, plans to use this time are imposed.

For you to seize it, and add any necessary creative layer to create a single video! Fitting dynamic, stylized color correction, visual effects and additions of elements such as typo.


Process and Dates

Ended on January 16 2011

The creation phase You have until 16 January included to send your creation with the ' Submit your creation' button above.

The results A few days after the contest, winners will be revealed after selection by a jury.


Made byBphoton
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Contest Rules

You must download the rushes via the button "Download project" above.

You can then use the plans of your choice, in any order you wish.
You can use AI plans, plans or Nature, or both! The assembly and the period are completely free!

For you to be creative and create your own atmosphere, with a calibration and effects such as typos and tracking! You must take ownership of these rushes, so that your installation is unique.

To win

1st prize Magic Bullet Looks

You will find using these rushes videos, the color calibration and editing are essential to convey an atmosphere of uniform plans plans on your creation.

To stay in this universe, I am pleased to offer you in partnership with RedgiantSoftware , the plugin Magic Bullet Looks !

This plugin allows you to assign dozens of presets (editable) to give one-click environments totally different to your films, all in a simple yet powerful interface.

Value 399$
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Finalists Premiums Accounts

A premium account for one year will also be offered to finalists arriving in 2 and 3rd place.

43 Submissions

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