Contest n°8

Winner video : Living Colors

2nd : Color Modulation Transmitter

Crée par Forbesii

How were they chosen? Each jury member has chosen these three favorites among the 55 submissions.
3pts for a first place in a ranking, 2pts for 2nd and 1pt for 3rd. The ranking is calculated from the number of points obtained.

Jury's comments

A word about the results

Le grand gagnant, DMotion, remporte donc une license de Cinema4D R14 Broadcast édition offerte par Maxon, ainsi qu'un compte Premium d'1 an sur le site, toutes options.

Forbesii et Romain Cousin, 2eme et 3eme place, remporte eux un compte Premium d'un an, toutes options également.

Mais pour cette 8ème édition, j'ai décidé d'offrir aux 6 autres personnes choisies par les jurés un compte premium d'un mois, car ils le mérite tous. Félicitations à vous Totoro, Fabiantheblind, AmonLap, Affable, Soja et Alexwaza ! Votre compte est maintenant premium ;) 

DMotion, the big winner, will receive a Cinema 4D R14 Broadcast Edition license offered by Maxon, as well as a one-year all-option Premium site access account.

As for Forbesii and Romain Cousin, who came 2nd and 3rd , they will receive a one-year Premium access account with all features, too.

But on this 8th edition, I have decided to offer the other 6 people chosen by the jury a one-month Premium access account, because they all deserve it. Congratulations to : Toroto, Fabiantheblind, amonlap, Affable, Soja and Alexwaza! You can now enjoy your Premium account ;)


 Maxon have created the wonderful Cinema 4D 3D software. Many thanks to them for sponsoring this 8th edition of the competition and offering this very nice present! 

  • Forbesii - We found that the animation of the videos was just like what the title had asked for ... colorful and very skillfully done, a very creative approach
  • Romain Cousin - Very pleasing to look at and a nice piece of work
  • Affable - The audio and visuals between correspondence match well - all in all a very joyful

Brandon Wall

Brandon Wall is an American motion designer based in Nashville, Tennessee. As he is both very good at graphic design and excellent at animations, he meets all the qualities required to excel in this profession. Check out this article for more info.

  • Romain Cousin - There is such an incredible amount of detail in this piece, between the design, animation and audio sync. Every little move matches the sound perfectly! Romain created such a unique beautiful space! Bravo! Time to watch again!
  • Totoro - The idea and execution behind this animation is super creative and fun! Thomas seemed to pull out sounds I didn't even realize were in the original audio! Awesome work!
  • Dmotion - Dmotion's piece really lives up to the title "Living Colors". The audio sync is spot on! Very bright and original work with a lot of cool details!

Marcus Eckert

Marcus Eckert is a talented motion designer based in Germany, who is totally at ease either in graphic design or with keyframes. An interview of Marcus, together with part of his creations, can be found in this article.

  • Forbesii - Very creative interpretation of the sound effects, the erratic camera movement fits perfectly and the general pacing is exciting and engaging. Great job!
  • Fabiantheblind - The minimalist, chromatic aberration style is a nice take on the atmosphere. It’s minimalist but uses the movement in conjunction with the sound to great effect. Love it!
  • Soja - Great style and it actually manages to tell a story while still incorporating all the sounds in a fun, convincing way. Well done!


Olivier was the one who created the sound that was used as a basis for this competition. Thanks again to him for creating a sound track that allowed many of you to have great fun in this contest!

  • DMotion - The universe is peculiar and peopled with small weird creatures. He has made a good job around the title, and therefore of the typographic design. This creation is very personal and it makes you want to have it in a game!
  • AmonLap - The animation is fluid and shows a good attempt at geometrical investigation, with a certain taste for abstraction. Synchronization on the sound track could have been better, but the concern for graphic details makes up for it. The design is very neat and smart!
  • Alexwaza - The subject matter is treated with very few elements, but everything does make sense. The audio track has been used as a basis to develop the story telling. Well, it’s very minimalist and great fun!


A high number of good quality pieces were achieved during this 8th contest. Many thanks to all participants – I do hope that you enjoyed yourselves and were able to make progress. My top-3 choice in the current edition goes to:

  • DMotion - He has managed to create a universe in itself that is colourful and lively and sticks to the theme of the competition. The small creatures are endearing, and it is visually very rich. I had a good time examining this creation that was my favourite in the current contest.
  • Totoro - I have a soft spot for 2D animations and I appreciated all these solid frame-by-frame hand-made special effects very much. It is very dynamic with nice transitions. This is yet another lovely achievement by Totoro, who is making clear progress at each and every contest!
  • Romain Cousin - A neat and colourful piece, good synchronization and a nice mixture of careful 2 and subtle 3D animations. I love it!