Contest n°8

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  1. Upload your video to Vimeo, Youtube or Dailymotion
  2. Define on the chosen service a beautiful image for your video before sending it on mattrunks
Your video will be subject to validation, which can take several days.

The Project

For this new contest, the sound synchronization is once again in the spotlight.
Olivier composed a 10s song for the occasion, which will be your main constraint : to synchronize the best possible on the music:

The idea is to create a video that fits the most possible to the music provided.
The sound is minimalist, but rich in details. Many sound design elements will allow you to synchronize your animations.

You can use video footages, photos, graphics, 3D, mix everything, in short, you are free in the form! No graphic theme is imposed, the title of the contest representing only the sound title.

Process and Dates

Ended on September 16 2012

The creation phase You have until 16 September included to send your creation with the ' Submit your creation' button above.

The results A few days after the contest, winners will be revealed after selection by a jury.


Made byObny
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Contest Rules

The only rule of this contest is simple:

Be synchronized on the sound, and animate, or edit your video based on the sound events of the music. 
You can download the audio by clicking the "Download project" button above. The use of sound is only allowed for this contest.

The video can be a little longer than the sound provided (if needed to add a logo or end credits), but the sound should not be changed.

By entering this contest, you agree to the following conditions: by submitting your creation on this contest, you give Maxon permission to use this animation for promotional purposes. If your video is used by Maxon, your images will be credited accordingly.

Read the important note about using images in your creations.

To win

1st prize Cinema 4D R14

It's with great pleasure that Maxon will offer to the winner of this competition a permanent license of Cinema 4D R14, Broadcast Edition. This is a wonderful gift, which I hope you enjoy it! Cinema 4D is the most used 3D software by the motion designers, this is the first choice tool to bring your creations to the next level!

Value 1555€
More Infos

Finalists Premiums Accounts

premium account of one year will also be offered to finalists arriving in 2 and 3rd place.

55 Submissions

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That song is really awesome, I'll join in as soon as I get a couple of other things out of the way. Amazing contest, wish I'd found these earlier. :)