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Oldmanscribble commented on Create 2D animations with Flash

Great tutorial thank you!! Any advice on animating over video footage?

With Scott Pilgrim vs. The World as inspiration I'm trying to animate notes and skulls flying out of a guitar during a solo, but getting artifacts when exporting .mov from Flash.

Seems that flash only exports smooth .mov's at certain frame rates (12,30 etc.)

Animate at 12fps and double the speed of footage in AE? Thanks!

Oldmanscribble commented on Piracy..

Very understandable. Thanks so much for all the hard work! The site and tutorials are a huge inspiration!!

Oldmanscribble commented on Animation of a website template

also the width of the psd is 1280. When double clicking on the imported composition in the timeline it looks crystal clear, but in the composition I set up distorted a bit.

Thank you!

Oldmanscribble commented on Animation of a website template

Great tutorial! When importing my PSD to AE the composition is looking squashed and lower quality. Resolution is 1280x720 and on full at 100% in the viewer. Is there an English forum I should post a question like this? Thank you!!

Oldmanscribble commented on Firegrind - Creating fire with Particular

Hello. Love the tutorial, but AE continually crashes while scrubbing through the timeline after creating the flame. I was getting an AE_OpenGL.plugin error message so I moved it out of the Extensions folder. I'm a newbie so I'm not sure about video cards.

Thanks so much for any help!