In this new video tutorial on After Effects, we will take a look at compositing and visual effects, on a Skateboard video.

We will see how to create from scratch, a fire simulation using the particle system Trapcode Particular . We will also do some rotoscoping and color grading, (based on feeling rather than on the spectrogram).

  • Creating custom flames from simple shape layers
  • Implementation of the different particles layers : flames, sparks, smoke
  • Rotoscoping on the original video to mask some of the particles, and control the light impact on the Skater.
  • Color grading to give more importance to fire and the light emitted by the flames.
  • Compositing of various elements, creation of ground reflections and light interactions on the wall.

You've probably noticed, I don't record often tutorial based on vfx. But if you like it, there will be others!