3 years ago, I realized a video presentation for the new version of Fubiz . This was my first experience in animation mock website, and it begat many others.
Whether it's animation websites , or of iPhone applications , the basic principle remains the same: to give life to a Photoshop mock.

Today, it's time to share with you tips and techniques that I learned to develop and evolve, to carry out a site animation on After Effects, a relatively simple manner, and procedural.

This tutorial is the longest ever recorded for my website, ie more than one thirty-sharing workflow, and advice!

A big thank you to Thomas AMKASHOP , for allowing me to use his site as an example in the tutorial.


To best follow this tutorial, you will have to provide in advance the scripts listed in the sidebar to the right of this description.

These scripts are not required to conduct a site, but will save you precious time more than during the animation of hundreds of layers.
They operate on the model "Name Your Own Price", ie, you set the same price you pay seems fair.


I hope this tutorial you will, and that you will assimilate different techniques and tricks used to animate your turn your websites!