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Yorobi commented on Psychedelic paint effect preset for Particular

Hey Shabello, I found another way to make it work, just delete all the xy positions for the particular layer, add another text layer and use that as a guide layer to make a path in Particular. :)
Great preset!

Yorobi commented on Organic particles and Cell Shading with Particular

Hi Matt,
Thanks for this great tutorial.
For some reason though, at the beginning when I hook up the xyz position, scale and rotation to the null object and add the wiggle, it makes everything wobble uncontrollably weird (like more so than it's supposed to) and also when it rotates, it's flat and stops the particles from emitting..
When I disable these expressions, it doesn't do it anymore.. really for the life of me can't see what I did wrong, followed that part of the tutorial very closely and re-did about 5 times now..
Any idea what might be causing it?
Thanks for reading.

Yorobi commented on Shape Layers as creative tools

Love the tutorial!
Any tips on making an old machine run a bit faster?
After effects is shitting bricks atm.
I have a triple core machine, with a 2 gig gfx card and 6 gig ram.
Somehow (don't know why) it hates shape layers..
Any idea what I'm doing wrong?