Animation Sequence Project is a collaborative animation project launched by the studio in60seconds .

Creative people around the world are invited to create a small animation for the project.
The only constraint is that the video should start and finish with a 250 pixel square in the center of the composition.
And the participations are really great! The squares come alive, telling stories in 250 frames, and the most talented motion designers have lent themselves to the game. You can see all videos on this page .

Below is a selection of my favorite videos. Little nod to my french friends Julien and Quentin (the first two movies), which don't fail once more to impress us with their style rich in keyframe:

  1. Julien Martorell Variations Graphiques autour du Carré Credits L
    Sound design : Human sound recording
    With my friends of CQC collectif
  2. Vahe Square&Square L
  3. Steffen K Animation Sequence Project L
  4. Daniela Uribe Daniela Uribe L
  5. Alex Dobbin Parp! L
  6. jjd10 Guitar L
  7. Darren Bachynski Diamond Factory L
  8. Sebas & Clim Sebas & Clim L
  9. StudioPhante ASP - Experience - 10 Seg L
  10. Erik Righetti Bathing Suit Test L
  11. Studio Nitro Ariel Costa L
  12. Byron Slaybaugh Art of Noise L
  13. Fabrice Argo Tetocarre L
  14. Stefan Björn Animation Sequence Project L
  15. Kristiaan der Nederlanden Animation Sequence Project L
  16. Manuel Munoz Random Flow L
  17. Jon Gotlev Ninja SMRRBRD L