Andrew Kramer has recently published on his blog a video made by the team of Knife Film , making very good use of the plugin 3D Element in a teaser that is worth seeing:

  1. Knife Film KNIFE - Teaser Credits L
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    Watch the breakdown here

Cinema 4D was used for modeling the various decorative elements, which were then imported and textured in Element 3D.
They were then able to work thanks to the plugin on the objec and cameras animations directly in After Effects, with a real-time rendering.
A nice compositing work was then made: flares, smoke, chromatic aberrations, glow and color correction .. all this to create a great teaser, with some cool details.

And what better than a nice teaser? A nice teaser accompanied by a very nice making-of!

After Effects and Element 3D making-of

  1. Knife Film KNIFE - Teaser Breakdown Credits L
    Involved in making this:
    Cinema 4D R14
    After Effects CS6
    Videocopilot's Element 3D and Optical Flares
    Videocopilot's Action Essentials 2
    Trapcode Suite

    watch more at

Element 3D is really a great plugin that allows you to manipulate in real-time 3D objects directly in After Effects, with the usual animation tools (null objects, parenting, expressions, etc...).
Like many, I use it a lot in my project recently (including here ), and it allowed me to save a lot of time.

Version 2 that will be release in the next months promises a lot of new features, such as real shadows, to a plugin that already help a lot. I hadn't yet mentioned Element here, but I wanted to say congratulations and thank you to Andrew and his team.