This tutorial will focus once again to Trapcode Particular, we will see how to set up an animation of text composed of multiple 3D lines, colorful and bright.

Many tricks on masks, paths and animation will be used throughout this training, which I hope you enjoy it!

  • Convert a text layer as a mask
  • Animate lights along paths masks
  • Discover the type of keyframe "Moving back in time" and create loops
  • Use Bezier interpolation of such trajectories to create beautiful curves
  • Particular set to emit beautiful curved lines and fluids, with the setting position Subframe
  • Use the properties of Wind to give an echo effect organic
  • Play with colors to get a result .. colorful!
  • Animation camera in 3D space
  • Make a pre-composition with the alpha channel, in some cases
  • Color correction and enhancements made