In this Cinema 4D video tutorial, we'll learn how to work with dynamics applied to cables, strings, ropes, etc... and how to master their animation.

We'll start by modeling our letters and all the elements in the scene (except the iMac, provided in the source files) then we'll take care of the materials and lighting.
Followed by the letters dynamics with the help of the Fracture object, then we'll learn how to use caching and how to bake an animation (using the free Steadybake plugin)

We'll look at two different methods to animate our cables, first the Spline Dynamics, and then we'll push it further using the Hair Module.
Over the course of this tutorial I will share many production tips and tricks such as creating a wiggle effect in cinema 4D on any type of attribute (without using the vibration tag which only works with position, scale and rotation).
We'll conclude with the global compositing of this animation in After effects (work on the shadows, reflections, change the background, etc..)