In this new video tutorial on After Effects, we are going to learn first of all, how to freeze a video image in order to work on it again graphically in Photoshop.

We will then return to animate it in After Effects, creating the appearance of different graphic layers with the help of ink revelation effects.

The resulting revelation effect will be close to that obtained from watercolors or soluble ink, without having to use those media. 
We will simulate the effects using only software by adding the replica drops of ink ourselves in a simple way. We will have total control over the degree of revelation and the position of the marks. 

  • Extract image from the video and rework it graphically in Photoshop
  • Create different graphical variations in Photoshop
  • Create your own ink animations with the help of form traces
  • Import the Photoshop file and reveal it with the help of our simulated inks
  • Animate still images to add dynamism