In this video tutorial on After Effects and Photoshop, we will see one of the techniques to give life to a picture: the use of multiple planes.

We will perform most of the work on Photoshop to prepare our photo for its animation. We will do a quick matte painting work by recreating some materials.

We will then see two ways to set up our system of layers in 3 dimensions. The first is manual, and the second will be based on the excellent script pt_Multiplane .
It will bring more speed and flexibility in the process, but is entirely optional for this tutorial.

Photo used in the tutorialDownload

  • Isolation of the various plans of our photo
  • Use of Photoshop tools (selection tools, masks, automatic filling, stamp, coin, etc. ..)
  • Import photoshop file into After Effects
  • Implementation of our elements into the 3D environment
  • Camera Animation and setting of the depth of field
  • Color correction on our composition