BigLazyRobot is a Spanish animation and special effects studio, which is human only by his size!
Composed of only 5 people, the quality of the work of Robot has nothing to envy the biggest special effects studios.


Get ready to take you a nice little slap, through their latest project they are working on for over a year: Keloid . Below is a teaser of short movie to watch in HD:

[Vimeo video_id = "33030265" width = "570" height = "242" title = "Yes" byline = "No" picture = "No" autoplay = "No" loop = "No" color = "f65544"]

There are several important points that I wanted to raise about this short film project:

  • These are full-CG sequences, full 3D, without video footages. Motion Capture was used, but in most cases the animation was retouched by hand.
  • This is the realistic result of work of only 5 people for the production side (two outsiders participated in the pre-prod)
  • This is a work in-house, imagined and designed by BLR in their spare time.
  • Much research has been conducted for several months on AI, scenario design and pre-production before embarking on the adventure of the short film, in every way different from their usual commercial productions.
  • I urge you to read the full interview on motionographer , very interesting.

Work on personal projects

Devote time to experiment, to open source projects, it is important and essential! Whatever your job, graphic designer, motion designer, web designer .. I think in most cases, even if we love our work, we do not really flourish only rarely on a client project.
Even if the constraint can be in itself an inspiration, take the time to have fun, spend hours tweaking a little animation until it seems to us perfectly without any pressure, it feels good . Take time to have some perspective on what one creates.

Commercial production of BLR is nothing small projects, and are superb, but they do not escape the rule.
We all want to express our creativity on free subjects from time to time, to release all the frustration that can be accumulated with certain customers. Try new ideas and techniques that very few customers would dare finance without this having been done before.

As I have often said, your personal projects will never be in vain. They will make you progress, will augment your portfolio, and surely bring you back for new contracts!
So one thing to remember: Believe in your ideas, and give you the time necessary for their achievements. Fun, alone or with others, it's always more motivating!For me, back in Paris after my operation wisdom teeth. Hamtaro mode for a few days before I put the microphone in front of tutorials ;) Cheers!