Umeric , an Australian studio, makes some very nice spots oriented 3D abstract and organic matter. The results are fresh, colorful and original, for example their recent spots for msn:

  1. Umeric Msn Talk Butterflies Spot A French L
  2. Umeric Msn Talk Butterflies Spot B French L

The record is really nice. Butterflies, each corresponding to a use of the service, are nice to look, and I invite you to look at their site in the high quality stills from videos .

Below is a selection of videos made ??by Umeric, or one will find their abstract style, mixing solids and organic matter in pretty reports:

  1. Umeric Royal Elastics - Feilfri L
  2. Umeric MTV - Organic L
  3. Umeric MTV - Australia Video Music Awards L
  4. Umeric Christchurch Arts Festival - PowerPlant L
  5. Umeric MTVN HD - Genetically Modified HD SPOT A L
  6. Umeric MTVN HD - Genetically Modified HD SPOT B L

A studio more to follow, starting with little to their twitter , to be kept behind their creations.

For my part, I apologize for the lack of tutorials or news lately, I had two weeks very busy, with the production of a video presentation for a very cool customer, which I will discuss at the on-line project next week.
And I still have not recuperated the net in my new apartment, which does not make things easier, but the line should be activated within 7 days.

Meanwhile, I went for a new mac that has found its way home, and on which I will be able to save lots of tutorials!

Oh, speaking of them, I set aside three ideas emerged on the facebook page for express tutorials, I will register as soon as I come up with an evening of available :/

Courage to all before the weekend, and soon