In this new video free tutorial on After Effects, we will learn to make and animate a 3D sphere, composed of your videos (and / or images). We will use this script to Create 3D Shapes of the friend Neb, in order to up our layers in After Effects 3D environment.

Then we focus on the animation, which is the important point of this tutorial. Through games of shift, we see how to give rhythm and dynamics to our animation, while keeping a movement at all times.

  • Import and quickly manage dozens of films in a composition
  • Creating a 3D sphere from your videos and pictures
  • Setting up lights to give volume to our sphere
  • Dynamic animation of advanced camera with the curves (without scripts)
  • Adding depth of field to reinforce the sensation of depth
  • Adding Shine to simulate volumetric light

I hope that you enjoy this new tutorial! It allows you to present your videos and images in an original and elegant.

This tutorial is for intermediate users of After Effects.