In this new video tutorial on After Effects, we will once again turn our attention on powerful shape layers.

We will see how from a single layer, create a complex animation of 2D sparks, fully configurable in order to decline them by tens, with a few clicks.

In the presentation video, the onset is fast and contains many elements, but we will see all stages of construction to create also smaller sparks, equally useful to enrich your compositions with details.

We'll also see how to give life to our shapes by adding a good dose of randomness in our animations, while minimizing the number of keyframes required for each spark.

  • Creating the base of our spark on a shape layer
  • Use of repetitions to quickly create our elements
  • Duplication of groups for a complex shape on a single layer
  • Random displacement of all sub-objects, with variance in their scales
  • Appearance of the letters, duplication, modification and implementation of sparks
  • Easy color management of each element