Today I inaugurate a new category on the blog: interviews! This will allow us to discover ways of working, of course, tools, which differ according to each creative.

We start with Camille Marotte , ex-motion designer at private sales, it is now an independent filmmaker, and talented!
Below, his showreel and some of his creations:

  1. Camille Marotte Camille Marotte Director Reel 2010 Credits L
    :: Direction, Filming, Post-production
    :: Commercials
    :: Motion design
    :: Personal works
    :: Music : Unkle
  2. Camille Marotte Citroen Construct Credits L
    :: 3D : Cinema 4D
    :: Compositing : After Effects
    :: Dragonfly modeling : Emmanuel Boccara
    :: Music : Maurin Zahnd
  3. Camille Marotte Evolve Credits L
    Bose : {evO.lve}
    :: Editing/Grading : After Effects
    :: Camera : Canon HF100
    :: Music : Matthieu Ouaki
    :: his fanpage :
  4. Camille Marotte Forget Me Not Credits L
    Ralph Lauren : Forget-me-not
    :: Grading : After Effects
    :: Canon 5D Mk II & Canon 50mm 1.4
    :: Models : Ivan & Flavia
    :: Music : Matthieu Ouaki
    :: his fanpage :
  5. Camille Marotte Beautiful Lie Credits L
    7 For All Mankind : Beautiful.Lie
    :: Grading : After Effects
    :: Canon 5D Mk II & Canon 50mm 1.4
    :: Models : Petra & Baptiste
    :: Music : Matthieu Ouaki
  6. Camille Marotte Pieces Of Heroes Credits L
    :: 3D : Cinema 4D 11
    :: Grading : After Effects
    :: Music : Maurin Zahnd

You can find his other accomplishments on his profile vimeo

What took you into the world of motion design and real?

I remember discovering the site in 2002 Deviantart I had put a huge slap, and I wanted to know how all these images (2D or 3D) were made. I immediately downloaded a demo of Photoshop, I asked three filters, it was hideous but I was amazed by the possibilities.
Following I tried my hand at the Lightwave 3D view of mind and, impressed by the pictures of Stephane Belin and Neil Blevins . At the time, I drew as well as a blind wild boar, but I immediately stopped Epitech (the programming myself bored to death) to join a school of design , it was not won.

What training have you followed? By what means have you learned most useful knowledge to your job? School, Web self-taught?

The early school years I fell into a profound doubt myself. The teachers were mostly artists who wanted a little in reaction to drool for youth who threatened their craft by practicing software they did not even know its name. So while it was traditional (painting and other substances that try) and the computer "you will see later."

But I found a huge motivation on the internet forums where people encourage you, and especially the Gnomon DVD I looked for some loop.
Ryan Church , Feng Zhu and Scott Robertson were at that time my real teachers.

What gear you are using? Computer, camera, Softs?

I work on PC. I was reluctant (I always hesitate) to move to Mac but I use a lot of small software in my workflow that do not exist on the Mac (eg Virtualdub).
Otherwise the Adobe suite of course, primarily After Effects and Photoshop, in fact I do almost everything in After Effects even my movies, I like to have all the tools at hand in the same software, albeit sometimes slower , it leads to the zen.
For 3D I use Cinema4D which is very intuitive and away from gas plants that are Maya and 3DS.
I went in camera to a Canon HF100 the 5D Mark II which I can not do without today (except, perhaps for the 5D Mark II :)).

There is a true photographic work in movies that you realize. The picture is it important for you?

Parallel graphics at school, and to produce images quickly and grow my portfolio I always relaxed with photo shoots. I was always a camera on me first a compact then a bridge and reflective of bigger and bigger (had larger pockets).
Then I love spending time on the chroma and give a true atmosphere of these images. I always saw it as a relaxation rather than a real job, and that I would often spend the evening editing my photos rather than working on school projects.

What place you in the music at your creations?

It is often said that music is 50% of the work, I think it's well below the truth.
Moreover one can easily listen to beautiful music only and have chills while looking at beautiful images without the cravings just gives murders of babies beaver on a rainy day in late November.
I think music gives the whole atmosphere, and the images are simply reinforced.

What is the project of which you are most proud of?

I still hope that this will be the next :)

What are your plans and desires for the coming months?

I have become completely independent, so today I try to make the most of contacts.
I hope to work as a director of commercials in France and abroad and store the maximum experience to move forward in interesting projects.

How long it would take you to count to 1 billion?

He very much like everyone else, just over 82 years.
I tried once, but then I got sleepy, I'm gone to bed.

Camille thank you for this interview and good luck for the future :)