Paul Clements is a talented English motion designer. I highly recommend watching his work on his portfolio , very inspiring, and his twitter account, if you wish to be kept informed of his new productions.

Headphones, this is his last 3D animation release a month ago to promote the line of helmets from Ministry of Sound.

Supercharged Cinema4D Making-of

But what pleased me most in this embodiment, it's the making-of put online a few days ago by Paul:

Through these 2mins break-down, Paul shares with us his workflow indirectly, and gives us his recipe for this video. The tutorials are very useful for learning about and above all understand, but sometimes a small making-of like this one can learn a lot about how to work in just minutes.

The main thing to remember is, I think the game of constant offsets. Just like After Effects or any other animation software, shifting time and space of the same simple animation in time to simulate a complex scene, and it works perfectly here.

I hope you enjoy it, and thank you to Paul for sharing ;)