A condensed 3D, Motion Graphics & Design Titles

The year 2010 was again a year filled with creations in our industry!
Unless you have nice videos flooded through a blog slowed somewhat in recent months, here's a quick summary of my 15 favorite showreels emerged during this year:

  1. Renato Marques Renato Marques - Showreel 2010 L
  2. Prologue Prologue - Reel 2010 L
  3. Blur Blur - Design Reel 2010 L
  4. Bigstar Bigstar - Showreel 2010 L
  5. We Are Seventeen We Are Seventeen - Showreel 2010 L
  6. Buck Buck - Showreel Montage 2010 L
  7. We Are Royale Royale - Winter 2010 Reel L
  8. Gkaster Gkaster - Demoreel Avril 2010 L
  9. Umeric Until Now - Reel 2010 L
  10. Frame Frame - Reel 2010 L
  11. Jorge Artola Jorge Artola - Showreel 2010 L
  12. Menno Fokma Menno Fokma - Reel 2010 L
  13. Dan DiFelice Campagn - Reel 2010 L
  14. Steffen Knoesgaard Steffen K - Reel 2010 L
  15. Fraser Davidson Fraser Davidson - Showreel 2010 L

Lasting pleasure in your ears

Watch movie demos, it's always a joy to behold, but it is also for the ears!
I discovered many artists across the reels, and many of their pieces have fallen into my list of favorite tracks.

Here is the complete tracklisting of the music used in the demos above:

Renato Marques
Artiste: Fujiya & Miyagi
Track: Knickerbocker
Sound Design: Marco Almeida

Artiste: Metric
Track: Stadium Love  

Artiste: Tim Myers
Track: Technicolor

Artiste: Glitch Mob &Tv On The Radio
Track: Red Dress

We Are Seventeen
Artiste: Dan Deacon
Track: Padding Ghosts

Artiste: Datarock
Track: The Pretender

We Are Royale
Artiste: The Amazing Crowns
Track: Still Royal

Musique & Sound Design: Gully (Philippe Gully)

Artiste: Ravid Goldschmidt
Track: Clara

Artiste: Chase & Staus Feat. Kano
Track: Against All Odds (Dub Step Remix)

Jorge Artola
Artiste: The Kills
Track: Sour Cherry

Menno Fokma
Musique & Sound Design: Studio Takt (Joris Van Grunsven)

Dan Difelice
Artiste: M83
Track: Don't Save Us From The Flames

Steffen K
Artiste: Harmonic 313
Track: Cyclotron C64 Sid

Fraser Davidson
Artiste: Cut Copy
Track: Lights & Music (Boys Noize Happy Birthday Remix)