Onufszak Sebastian , former Creative Director at Parasol Island , is an Illustrator, Designer and Director Germano-Polish operating in many areas of graphic design such as print, the interactive, or what interests us most: motion design.

He worked for major international brands (Adidas, Audi, Mercedes, MTV, Nike, Peugeot, Pepsi, Red Bull ... Well, you'll understand the list is long!) Through agencies and studios recognized in the mid-motion, like Buck , Brand New School , Dixon Baxi , Nakd , and many more!

In the creative process necessary to achieve a spot, Sebastian takes on substantial: art direction, with the establishment of Styleframes, (which might be closer to Still Frames), still images, but with a Another plus: define the spirit and the graphic video, before launching into animation process long and expensive.

I selected a few examples of his work, with a before / after, showing the artwork prior Sebastian, then the final spot:

Adidas Original-Neighborhood

  1. Frame Adidas Original- Neighborhood Credits L
    Creative Director SidLee: Kristian Grove Moller
    Creative Director SidLee: Dave Roberts
    Creative Director Frame: Anders Schroder
    3D Modelling: Noam Toledano
    Animation: Cody Smith
    Animation: Emil Kahr Nilsson
    TD: Chris Barischoff
    Compositing: Jean Pichot
    Design: Sebastian Onufszak
    Account Director: Sandy Toneman
    New Media Producer: Kateri McDonald
    Sound Design: Ole Kristian Krogstad
    Executive Producer: Thomas Bay

performed in Frame

Ford United States - Logoanim

  1. Frame Ford USA Logoanim L

performed in Frame

Team Detroit - Lincoln Film

  1. Frame Team Detroit - Lincoln Film Credits L
    Creative Director Frame: Anders Schroder
    Creative Director Agency: Andrew Smith
    Animation: Frame
    Sound Design: Ole Krogstad
    Executive Producer: Thomas Bay

performed in Frame

Sony Ericson - 350i Walkman Phone

  1. Parasol Island 350i Walkman Phone L

performed at Parasol Island

His designs are always visually rich, full of details, and facilitators responsible for producing the videos behind had to take some time afraid when he saw the plates arrive.

The result video will not stick obviously not always 100%, this is normal, but remains in all cases very close.
The artistic work and research made ??in pre-prod u really are not great quality, and this leads to great spots! There is no chance ;)