You probably already know the excellent Plexus plugin developed by Satya Meka , aka Rowbyte ?

The version 2 will be released in September, and this big update brings a lot of new features!

The potential uses with Plexus was previously easily recognizable.
Told in a simple way : small dots connected by lines. That will change with version 2, and that's great! This plugin has finally become versatile, and I wanted to say bravo to Satya for its development.

Below, a small tech demo highlighting the new features of Plexus 2:

  1. Satya Meka Plexus 2 - New Features Overview L

Here are the 14 new features of this version:

  • Retrieve data points from all layers (Lights, Null Objects, 3D layers)
  • Generation of facets between different points
  • Change the position, rotation and colors of the faces with a new effector
  • Triangulation to build complex geometry from your points
  • Rendering of multiple objects (Points, Beam, Facets, Lines) on the same instance of the effect
  • Using sprites with a random time sampling
  • Enhanced OBJ support
  • Create beams between objects and groups, useful for data visualization
  • Create 3D splines easily controlled using the 3D lights
  • Create clones of your items and delay your animations using the new echo option
  • OBJ containers, to use any object as a container for all your points
  • Time-Distance Smoothing  to reduce the artifacts effects
  • Export your shapes in SVG for use in Illustrator (vector)

Examples of creative uses

And concretely, what can we do with this new version? Well .. many new things, which should interest lot of motion designers! I let you judge for yourself, with these beautiful experiments created mostly by Simon Bronson . There is also a very nice use of the plugin inside the The Art of Flight titles, below:

  1. Satya Meka Cocoon L
  2. Simon Bronson Swarm L
  3. Simon Bronson Ribbon L
  4. Simon Bronson Transmission L
  5. Simon Bronson Galaxa L
  6. Simon Bronson Fields L
  7. Simon Bronson Pieces of light L
  8. Simon Bronson Plexus 1 experiments L
  9. Chris Murphy Art of Flight Titles - Plexus Edit L
  10. Simon Bronson Plexus 1 Teaser L