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Romain Loubersanes

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We Are Seventeen

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Tony Zagoraios

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Psychedelic paint effect preset for Particular

Hi guys! My name is Sara Bennett, also known as Shabello, freelance motion designer. Just wanted to share a pretty cool little technique I created in After Effects usi...

Cineware makes Cinema 4D part of the upcoming after effects

Maxon and Adobe hits hard with the release of this new effect : Cineware. A name that doesn't ring many bells for the moment, although, I'm pretty sure that soon ...

After Effects Next : All the new features of the upcoming version

At the occasion of NAB 2013, starting this week-end in Las Vegas, Adobe will unveil its next generation of video products. You can find all the related announc...

Adobe unveils the future of rotoscoping in After Effects

Adobe recently released a video showing the evolution of rotoscoping techniques in After Effects. As a reminder, rotoscoping is the creation of masks on the ele...

Plexus 2

You probably already know the excellent Plexus plugin developed by Satya Meka , aka Rowbyte ?The version 2 will be released in September, and this big update brings a ...

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Simon Bronson

Adobe Creative Cloud - A subscription that rules t

Towards the end of final licensesCurrently, if you wanted to legally use After Effects, Photoshop, or any other application from Adobe, several solutions were availabl...

My Trapcode Experiments, Volume III

Finally Available!Here as promised, my latest experiments on the plugin Trapcode Particular , with a free download project files ! Program at this time, two projects ...

My experiments on Trapcode Particular and Form Download, Volume II!

Fresh projects to Download!After an initial series of four projects based on the excellent Trapcode plugins, namely Particular and Form , coming back to you with new g...

My experiments on After Effects and Trapcode Particular Form to download

Trapcode presets to downloadToday is Christmas in advance: I offer 4 After Effects projects ready to download!These four projects are dedicated to plugins trapcode , w...