This new tutorial After Effects is designed for beginner users and want to learn step by step how to recreate a vibrant and colorful scene.

We will use only text layers and shape layers, available from the CS3 version (the source files require CS5 or superior)

We will see how easily manipulate different layers in the 3D environment of After Effects, using the various options offered by the composition viewer, such as the 4 views.
You will learn how to manipulate your layers in three dimensions, and orient them easily directly in the viewport to place them at your convenience in the 3D scene.

We will also discuss some basic workflow, as precompositions usefulness for this kind of project, and the use of (optional) scripts to go faster when performing repetitive tasks (download links in the sidebar).

  • Creation of various graphical elements (text and shapes)
  • Learn to navigate among the different 3D views
  • Manipulating layers in the 3D environment
  • Animation of various elements
  • Adding lights and shadows
  • Precompositions to have a clean and simple project
  • Create a second scene based on the first (you can simply add more)