In this new tutorial on After Effects, we'll look at a technical coveted: transform fluidly dynamic and any letter in another.

At the end of this training, you will be able to perform controlled transitions between your vector shapes. And it goes beyond course not only typos!

We will also see how to give a look at our colorful and pop compositions, adding a variety of effects on our layers.
This tutorial is accessible to all: no plugins, no scripts, just the basic functions of After Effects.
(The project provided in the download requires him CS5, but you can follow this tutorial with CS4)

  • Turn text layers into vector shape layers
  • Understand the different types of letters (rigid, rounded, with or without holes)
  • Make transitions between two forms, while controlling the morphing accurately
  • Add a lag effect in the transition to a more dynamic
  • Make transitions between different letters (A -> O -> X -> B in the tutorial)
  • Give one look colorful and nice to all, with several built-in effects

This tutorial is for intermediate users. Beginners, look at the training bases before. The project can not be changed simply, follow the tutorial and apply it to your own letters. The project is free for premium members .