Broadcast Design is one area that I love in motion design.
Whether the channel branding, or programs, I never get tired of this exercise mixing graphic aesthetics and practical information, because it's good it referred, to convey a message clearly and elegant, which clearly defined a unique visual identity for each client.

Through this post, I will present seven studios and French agencies that together create a lot of our media landscape.


View is both a French design agency and an audiovisual production company.
Under the supervision of creative directors and producers, View consists of a team of art directors, graphic designers and filmmakers.
View works daily g operands for French television channels (TF1, France 5, France 24, M6, Canal +).
They are always looking for talented freelance designers, graphic designers, animators, so please send your CV!

  1. View View Showreel 2009 L
  2. View M6 - Animateur 2008 L
  3. View France 5 - Jingles 2008 L
  4. View Planete Thalassa L
  5. View M6 Jingles 2008 L
  6. View Sport Plus 2007 L
  7. View TF1 Pub 2007 L
  8. View Virgin 17 L
  9. View W9 2007 L


Gideon is also a design agency and production company.
It designs and produces the buildup of TV channels in France and abroad: creating logos and identities visual s, covering chains or programs, art direction, marketing and management of antenna development projects for strings .
Design agency but also audiovisual production company, Gideon also produced and directed short programs, corporate films, music videos.

  1. Gedeon Gedeon Showreel 2009 L
  2. Gedeon France 3 - Noel 2009 L
  3. Gedeon France 3 - Identité L
  4. Gedeon France Télévision - Identité L
  5. Gedeon Canal J L


In-Out offers on its portfolio of skins modern and dynamic programs, mostly in a clean and uncluttered 3D:

  1. InOut Enquêtes Confidentielles L
  2. InOut Camera Cafe Le Retour L
  3. InOut Enquêtes criminelles L
  4. InOut Tellement People L
  5. InOut Love Car Wash L


Gobetween also produces emissions 3D skins, mainly for M6, TF1 and W9:

  1. Gobetween Gobetween Showreel 2009 L
  2. Gobetween Cinesix L
  3. Gobetween Hit Talent L
  4. Gobetween Accès Privés L
  5. Gobetween W9 Sports L


Difuz this cool creations, such as branding KD2A (produced via Gideon), or the generic virgin 17:

  1. Difuz Difuz Showreel 2008 L
  2. Difuz Virgin 17 - Puissance Tubes L
  3. Difuz Virgin 17 - Bulles L
  4. Difuz I Love L
  5. Difuz Incroyables Experiences L
  6. Difuz Chirurgiens de l'Espoir L

Luigi & Luigi

Luigi & Luigi is a Parisian studio making skins for the main channels (TF1, France Televisions, M6, Canal +, ...). Whether the shooting followed by post-production, or jingles full 3D, Him & Luigi offers designs simple and effective:

  1. Luigi & Luigi D&CO L
  2. Luigi & Luigi Hit Machine L
  3. Luigi & Luigi La Maison L

Naked Company

Naked Company does not project still references in their portfolio , just be to stay quiet, but their skins for TF1 and the identity created for the NRJ music awards or for musical lives are dynamic, colorful and good quality :)

  1. Naked Compagnie Secret Story 2009 L
  2. Naked Compagnie Star Academy 2008 L

If you are interested in covering TV, I can only advise you on the excellent , which lists hundreds of channels covering programs and videos since the beginning of the TV, and a great blog dedicated currency of the visual identity of the chains!

Here, you will now be able to put a name on all the creations that past you every day watching television! This list is not exhaustive, of course, and if you know of others, it will be happy to add them to the rest of this article ;)