Learn the Motion Design.

Video tutorials for all levels, on After Effects and Cinema 4D.

15min 30min 1h 1h30 2h
Important notice for english members

Our videos have been translated in English with a voice over, but the After Effects interface remains in French. We are french, and our main community is french. But watch one of the free tutorials to try and listen the english translations.

2D Splash FXs with X-Particles

Learn how to use X-Particles on Cinema 4D in order to generate mutliple 2D splash FXs.

medium 28 min Free

Create an illustrative 2D cel-shading render from 3D objects

Learn how to use the Cellulo shader to create a cool 2D look from 3D objects in Cinema 4D.

easy 15 min Free

Create smooth camera animations

We will learn how to create smooth animations with the keyframe velocity feature, and use it to animate a camera in a 3D environment.

hard 56 min Free

Create dynamic cables

Discover spline dynamics and the hair module in Cinema 4D while creating dynamic cables attached to neon letters.

medium 134 min Free

Text morphing with 3D particles

Learn to use Mograph and the Inheritance effector in cinema 4D to obtain a parametric morphing effect between different objects, with 3D particles.

medium 77 min Free

Disperse a text paragraph letter by letter with 3D tracking

Learn how to Insert a text paragraph into a video with 3D tracking, and then how to make explode all the letters in 3D space.

medium 49 min Free

Colorful 3D light beams with Plexus 2

Learn how to create colorful and organic 3D light beams using the Plexus 2 plugin, in After Effects.

medium 69 min Free

Camera Mapping with the camera calibrator

Learn the technique of camera mapping using a photography, with the Cinema 4D R14 Studio camera calibrator tool and typography compositing on an urban photo-realistic...

hard 101 min Free

Tournicoti - Animate a colorful 3D scene from simple shapes

Learn how to create a simple and colorful 3D scene in After Effects with with text and shape layers, and animate them dynamically.

easy 52 min Free

Isoscene - Animate a complex scene based on triangles

Create and animate a complex scene composed of thousands of triangles using only shape layers.

medium 64 min Free

Procedural text animation in Cinema 4D with Sketch and Toon rendering

Create a procedural text animation using MoText object and give it a unique style with Sketch and Toon.

medium 63 min Free

Create a magnifying glass effect

Learn how to create a magnifying glass and non-destructive zoom effect in After Effects, using shape layers.

medium 27 min Free

Amortype 2.0 - Automatically create damped animation letter by letter

Amortype is a free text animation preset for After Effects, to create damped animations letter by letter.

easy 11 min Free

Create 2D animations with Flash

Learn how to create 2D animations and special effects on a 2D text, drawing frame by frame using Adobe Flash.

easy 41 min Free

Generate random shapes on a single shape layer using expressions

Implementation of advanced expressions on a shape layer to create random shapes on a single layer automatically.

hard 52 min Free

Wiggle - Generate a fixed random calculation, even after adding layers

Learn to control the wiggle expression with 5 arguments to obtain a fixed and random controlled motion, applicable to other layers.

easy 11 min Free

Animate easily your vector illustrations with After Effects CS6

Learn to animate easily an Illustrator file with After Effects CS6, creating a complex and elegant reveal effect, with just a few clicks.

easy 25 min Free

Freeze an image and simulate an ink reveal effect

Learn how to freeze a video, and simulate the ink or watercolor reveal effect, generated in After Effects.

medium 39 min Free

Levitation - Flow of 3D letters

Learn how to create and follow a flow of 3D letters, in order to form fluidly words or phrases.

medium 56 min Free

Abstract and destructured transition between your texts

Create abstract and destructured transitions between your texts, in a dynamic and colorful way.

medium 29 min Free

Sound management and audio synchronization in After Effects

Learn how to synchronize animations with sounds on After Effects, manually or automatically.

medium 43 min Free

Sexy Offsets - Create graphic lags

Learn to create cuts and graphic offsets to obtain complex scenes from simple animations.

easy 30 min Free

Create extreme slow motion video without plugins

Create extreme slow motion effect on your videos using the temporal effects in After Effects, without any plugins.

easy 23 min Free

Give life to a photo using multiple planes

Learn how to animate a photo using the multiple planes technique. Preparation of the photo in Photoshop before importing it into After Effects.

medium 36 min Free

Shape Layers as creative tools

Use shapes layers as creative tools to obtain a rich typographic animation effect using simple manipulations.

easy 26 min Free

Magic Box - A box where each of its faces contains its own 3D world

Create a magic box of After Effects. Each side has its own 3D world, within which you can add your 3D layers.

medium 41 min Free

3D tracking and 3D text in After Effects CS6

Integrate a 3D text in a video, directly on After Effects with the new CS6 3D tracker, and its native raytracing engine.

easy 36 min Free

Mercury Lines - Create dynamic strokes without plugins

Create colorful and dynamic lines, without any plugins, directly with the effects pre-installed on After Effects.

easy 21 min Free

Shape Layers Sparks - 2D Animation sparks

We will learn how to create and animate a 2D sparks effects, only using a shape layers.

medium 31 min Free

Candy Bubble Typography - playful experimentation with Form

Create an unique and original effect with After Effects between candy, modeling clay and paint on your texts.

medium 32 min Free

Vector Type Morphing - Seamless transition between your letters

Learn to transform seamlessly and dynamically any letter into another with a morphing effect.

hard 53 min Free

Create and animate a 3D sphere with your videos

Learn to create and animate a 3D Sphere, from your videos or pictures.

hard 46 min Free

Galaxy Thumbs - Create a 3D grid of images with Trapcode Form 2

Learn how to create and animate a dynamic 3D grid with your images and Trapcode Form 2.

medium 54 min Free

Animation of a website template

Learn how to animate your website dynamically with After Effects, in 3D, and enjoy the pro tips from my experience.

hard 97 min Free

Words in Lines: Create text from 3D lines

Make words from 3D lines bright and colorful, using Trapcode Particular.

medium 46 min Free

Particular Morphing: particle transitions between your texts

Learn to recreate a dynamic transition, composed of thousands of particles, between your text or logos using Trapcode Particular.

medium 28 min Free

Hair Morphing - hairy typography

Use the CC Hair effect to obtain an original and hairy result on your texts.

medium 23 min Free

Textual Slice - Stylish animation of cut letters

Create an elegant and dynamic text animation, cutting each letter into small colored pieces.

medium 41 min Free

Organic particles and Cell Shading with Particular

Learn to make an animation with an organic look close to the Cell-Shading with Particular 2.

easy 46 min Free

Light Paths - Animation of 3D colored strokes

We'll learn how to create bright and colorful 3D lines using the Trapcode 3D Stroke plugin.

easy 32 min Free

Flying Tears - Create flying drops with simple 2D vector animation

Creation and animation of vector shapes in After Effects, to create some flying drops.

medium 39 min Free

Firegrind - Creating fire with Particular

We will recreate fire with Trapcode Particular, and then integrate it on a Skateboard video with some compositing.

hard 70 min Free

Floating Types - Advanced 3D typography animation

Advanced Animation character by character from one text layer for a medium result.

medium 47 min Free

Echo effect with the Difference Matte for a rapid cloning

Achievement of a cloning video, very quickly without rotoscoping, based pubs "Echo" by DVS

medium 19 min Free

Space Experiment with Trapcode Particular 2

Animation of thousands of particles for easy handling of the superb plugin Trapcode Particular.

easy 44 min Free

3D Coverflow preset for After Effects

We will see how to make the famous mac Coverflow effect, automatically from an image sequence.

easy 14 min Free

Popcorn Explosion

We will learn to perform a random text animation and dynamics.

easy 13 min Free

Neon light effects and realistic about the Typo

Learn to create a realistic neon effect on typography with the vector blur effect.

easy 11 min Free