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15min 30min 1h 1h30 2h

Create smooth camera animations

We will learn how to create smooth animations with the keyframe velocity feature, and use it to animate a camera in a 3D environment.

hard 56 min 3€

Create dynamic cables

Discover spline dynamics and the hair module in Cinema 4D while creating dynamic cables attached to neon letters.

medium 134 min 4€

Disperse a text paragraph letter by letter with 3D tracking

Learn how to Insert a text paragraph into a video with 3D tracking, and then how to make explode all the letters in 3D space.

medium 49 min 2€

Colorful 3D light beams with Plexus 2

Learn how to create colorful and organic 3D light beams using the Plexus 2 plugin, in After Effects.

medium 69 min 2€

Tournicoti - Animate a colorful 3D scene from simple shapes

Learn how to create a simple and colorful 3D scene in After Effects with with text and shape layers, and animate them dynamically.

easy 52 min 2€

Isoscene - Animate a complex scene based on triangles

Create and animate a complex scene composed of thousands of triangles using only shape layers.

medium 64 min 2€

Procedural text animation in Cinema 4D with Sketch and Toon rendering

Create a procedural text animation using MoText object and give it a unique style with Sketch and Toon.

medium 63 min 2€

Create 2D animations with Flash

Learn how to create 2D animations and special effects on a 2D text, drawing frame by frame using Adobe Flash.

easy 41 min 2€

Generate random shapes on a single shape layer using expressions

Implementation of advanced expressions on a shape layer to create random shapes on a single layer automatically.

hard 52 min 1€

Freeze an image and simulate an ink reveal effect

Learn how to freeze a video, and simulate the ink or watercolor reveal effect, generated in After Effects.

medium 39 min 2€

Levitation - Flow of 3D letters

Learn how to create and follow a flow of 3D letters, in order to form fluidly words or phrases.

medium 56 min 3€

Abstract and destructured transition between your texts

Create abstract and destructured transitions between your texts, in a dynamic and colorful way.

medium 29 min 3€

Sexy Offsets - Create graphic lags

Learn to create cuts and graphic offsets to obtain complex scenes from simple animations.

easy 30 min 2€

Give life to a photo using multiple planes

Learn how to animate a photo using the multiple planes technique. Preparation of the photo in Photoshop before importing it into After Effects.

medium 36 min 2€

Magic Box - A box where each of its faces contains its own 3D world

Create a magic box of After Effects. Each side has its own 3D world, within which you can add your 3D layers.

medium 41 min 2€

Mercury Lines - Create dynamic strokes without plugins

Create colorful and dynamic lines, without any plugins, directly with the effects pre-installed on After Effects.

easy 21 min 2€

Shape Layers Sparks - 2D Animation sparks

We will learn how to create and animate a 2D sparks effects, only using a shape layers.

medium 31 min 2€

Candy Bubble Typography - playful experimentation with Form

Create an unique and original effect with After Effects between candy, modeling clay and paint on your texts.

medium 32 min 4€

Vector Type Morphing - Seamless transition between your letters

Learn to transform seamlessly and dynamically any letter into another with a morphing effect.

hard 53 min 6€

Galaxy Thumbs - Create a 3D grid of images with Trapcode Form 2

Learn how to create and animate a dynamic 3D grid with your images and Trapcode Form 2.

medium 54 min 5€

Animation of a website template

Learn how to animate your website dynamically with After Effects, in 3D, and enjoy the pro tips from my experience.

hard 97 min 6€

Particular Morphing: particle transitions between your texts

Learn to recreate a dynamic transition, composed of thousands of particles, between your text or logos using Trapcode Particular.

medium 28 min 5€

Hair Morphing - hairy typography

Use the CC Hair effect to obtain an original and hairy result on your texts.

medium 23 min 2€

Textual Slice - Stylish animation of cut letters

Create an elegant and dynamic text animation, cutting each letter into small colored pieces.

medium 41 min 2€

Organic particles and Cell Shading with Particular

Learn to make an animation with an organic look close to the Cell-Shading with Particular 2.

easy 46 min 2€

Firegrind - Creating fire with Particular

We will recreate fire with Trapcode Particular, and then integrate it on a Skateboard video with some compositing.

hard 70 min 2€

Floating Types - Advanced 3D typography animation

Advanced Animation character by character from one text layer for a medium result.

medium 47 min 4€

Popcorn Explosion

We will learn to perform a random text animation and dynamics.

easy 13 min 2€